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August 18, 2008



The Dark Klub monthly meeting was opened by President Tom with the pledge and a prayer by Bob on August 18, 2008 at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Fanning Springs at 7:00 p.m.


First, we had the introduction of our guest, Lee Drawdy, KI4DLD. Lee is the new EC for Levy County. Next we had introductions of all members.




The website is doing well.  It is averaging about 200 hits a month.  Don also put a new link on the website “”. It will help all in tracking T.S. Fay and any other that storms that could approach our area.


Also a new picture was added to the website. It is a picture of Bob climbing a tower, 180 ft. at Ken’s house (K8YYC). There is also a write up in reference to the picture.


Remember the website also has the ARRL CW practice pages for any one interested in learning or brushing up on there CW.


The Field Day results will be published in the October Edition of QST magazine.


Don published an updated roster on the website and asked all to look at it and let him know of any mistakes, changes etc.  The roster is password protected and if you don’t know the password contact Tom or Don and they will give you the password.


Nolen donated a printer to the Klub that was auctioned off at the meeting. The tickets were $2.00 each.




The secretary’s report was published and distributed to all the members. Tom asked if any had any questions, corrections, concerns, etc. No one responded, so the minutes from the last meeting stood as published.




We began the month with a balance of $3, 058.03 and made a deposit of $58.00 from the 50/50 raffle, sales of pins and donations at F.D., which left a balance of $3,176.03. During the meeting a check was written to Suwannee Valley Pre-cast (for Port-a-Potty at F.D.)  for $64.20.


Next on the agenda were the birthdays for August : 

      Vickie Daniels   August 3

      John Case ( AD4WK)   August 20

      Charlotte Cox   August 23


Earl next reported on his and Tom’s tour of the new EOC in Gilchrist County. Earl stated it was a nice facility and was encouraged by the enthusiasm of Chief Ron Mills  (Emergency Manager for Gilchrist County) for the potential of amateur radio support during emergencies and other events.


Earl next told all that he would be conducting the Levy County ARES net from the EOC in Levy County on the 4th Thursday of every month.  He also suggested using simplex frequencies on the 5th Thursday of every month and doing relays as needed. This will be discussed further with the EC’s of the 3 counties and the members will be told of the plans to carry this out.


Glenn asked if any thought it would be possible to use the field behind the EOC in Gilchrist County for next year’s Field Day. Bob said he would look into the possibility.


$54.00 was collected from the printer auction. Norma won the printer and the money went into the club treasury. All thanked Nolen for donating the printer for auction.


Glenn next brought up that he is still looking for suggestions for a new site for F.D. next year. Some of the suggestions already brought up were the old KOA campground in Old Town, Fort Fanning Park, and the field behind the EOC in Gilchrist County.


Next on the agenda were those who are sick:


Dan (N0RTW) Many have called, but haven’t gotten an answer at his home. (Tom spoke to Dan a few days after the meeting and learned that he had had the leg with the broken ankle amputated below the knee.  The amputation occurred the previous Friday to save the rest of the leg from infection that did not respond to treatment. Dan seemed to be in good spirits and spoke cheerfully of being fitted for a prosthesis in the near future.  Terry has sent a card to Dan’s home on behalf of the Klub.)

Wayne is doing somewhat better, and hopes to come to a meeting in the near future.

Vi is also doing well following surgery for a broken hip and hoped to come home the 19th.


All were asked to keep relatives of Dave and Anna, Dee and Joe Gilliam, in there prayers and thoughts because they are both very ill.


Next we had a presentation from Lee Drawdy (K4DLD)  Lee is the new EC for Levy County.  One of his goals is to increase membership in ARES. Currently there are only members who reside in the county. He also agreed with Earl in wanting to do simplex nets with relays, so we will be prepared if the need arises. Bob agreed this would be a good idea and said relays from mobile radios can be reached up to 10 miles.


Lee next suggested a meeting of all 3 EC’s from the surrounding counties to develop plans for cooperation during an emergency and make plans for the simplex net.


Next Don reminded all in attendance of the 50/50 raffle.


Gary mentioned an article he read in the recent issue of Scientific American about sunspot activity. He also mentioned a website –“” which has information on sunspots.


Nolen next brought up that it seems nobody is on 2 meters during the day. After some discussion, it was suggested more try to monitor the frequency during the day when they can.


Nolen next suggested changing the time of the rag chew net on Monday night. He feels not many are signing in and a time change could help with the problem. He felt many were forgetting about it because it began so late in the evening..


Tom suggested Nolen make a motion to discuss changing the time. He did so and it was seconded by Ron.


Bob felt it wasn’t a time issue, but a lack of interest. People should want to take part, but let other things get in the way.


Ernie mentioned there was a simplex net when he was in St. Pete that had many participants. Each net had a theme and that made it interesting. Many could share ideas and others learned new things.  Also he said it was not acceptable to sign in another person, for example, a spouse.


Glenn felt that activity on the radio during the day would help with the net.


Bob mentioned that many truckers now use amateur radio as opposed to CB and are listening when they pass through town. It would be good to put your call sign out and try to speak to them when possible.

Bill M. said we all should try to monitor the frequency to assist those in need.


Daisy said she felt it was too late at night to have the net at 9:00 and would prefer a earlier time. Dee agreed and said she is usually busy with kitchen chores at that time of night.


Dee next said we should just leave it at 9:00 as it is until the time changes and then it will go back to 8:00. Most agreed to leave it as it is.  The time was not changed.


Next was the 50/50 raffle.  A total of $24.00 was collected and Tom won.


A motion to adjourn was made by Bill M. at 7:50 and seconded by Dee.



DARKlub SIGN-IN 08/18/08


Name CALL                    ARRL


Earl Beegle, KI4IQE

John Case,   AD4WK         

Ron Grant,   KI4CRK                                                         X

Dot Grant        

Lee Drawdy, K4DLD                                                          X

Daisy Freeman, KG4TAS                                                   X

Nolen Freeman, K1PRS                                                      X

Ernest Gregoire, AA1IK                                                     X

Yamil Croft

Larry Moschel

Barbara Sykes

Don Sykes, KG3M                                                              X

Gary Poore, WW4GP                                                          X

Glenn Biggerstaff, WW4B                                                  X

Norma Birman, K8YYC

Bob Gay, K8RAG                                                                X

Deana Gay, N8DEE                                                            X

David Gilliam, K4DFG                                                        X

Anna Gilliam

Tom Reitz, KI4SIC

Terry Merkel, KI4IQD                                                       X

Bill Merkel, KI4IQC                                                           X

Elijah Merkel


Respectfully submitted

Your secretary

Terry ( KI4IQD)